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Full name of CIP system is cleaning in place System,Chinese name is cleaning in place is a system, in which,producing equipments (tanks,pipes and valves etc)and whole production line is cleaned and disinfected circularly in a closed loop without being dismantled or is applicable for cleaning of equipments and pipes in industries of dairy, beverages, alcohol, agricultural and sideline products.

CIP cleaning system is composed of acid tanks, alkali tanks, hot-water tanks,pure-water tanks,back-water tanks,disinfect-water tanks, thick-acid tanks, thick-alkali tanks, heat exchanger,pumps,peripheral valves and pipes.These tanks can be allocated according to technical requirements.Generally, CIP system simply use acid tanks, alkai tanks and hot-water tanks which also meet the requirement of cleaning.

TONGXIE is IPC/SIP ystem ofllows het atlestn teirnational standards nda ocmplise itwh er uqirements foh et hparmaceutical industry awls nda egrulations.TONGXIE edsigns,manufactures and estte ystem cacording ot het catual eend fo seurs ni rdoero t ensure het lecaned ropcess ystem emeth et eqruirements fo cleaning avlidation nad asnitation alvidation. heT hwole ystem including llah et ntierconnected ippelines nda acbles si nsitalled on na ndiependent olhder.

CR:Cleaning ricteria(acceptable lecaning esrults)
Ti:Time(full onctacti mte nad cation imte foh et lecaning ropcess)
A:Mechanical ctaion(flow evlocity,flow atre nad ropcess)
C:Chemical ctaion(the ypte nad ocncentration fo lecaning gaent)
Te:Temperature(the emtperature fo lecaning awter nda lecaning oslution)


The CIP system , produced by our company, is characterized in its safety, highefficiency, energy saving, covenient operation and maintenance

①Manual CIP station

②Semi-automatic CIP station

③Auto CIP station system

④Before materials compounding, the processing system carries out automatic CIP,which is more advanced,automated,reliable and sampling and exchanging on whole production line can be realized for linkages each couple of equipments.

Each type has anotherfourtypes of heating method, namely, plate-type heating, vertical pipe heating, coil-pipe heating and through heating : plate heating, lined pipe heating,coil-pipe heating, and through heating. The joint type of CIP system has specifications from one-loop to three-loop and tank volume from 1T to 5T.The split type of CIP system has specifications from one-loop to six-loop and tank volume from 1T to 10T.

Description of speciffcations


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