CIP Cleaning System Suitable For Pharmaceutical Industry
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Application reAa: tA repsent,n teilligent IPC ystem has eben idwely seud ni ioblogicale rmfentation nad pharmacy ndiustries hwich ahs ighh eqruiremento t cleaning. heTrefore,t ainc earch het eqruest fo sanitation nad saepsis.

Operational principle

Through ets ropgramme ad(justable ropgramme), IPC system amkes uoamatically repparation lecan iqluid, iav pneumatic ocntrol alve nad ratnsfer umpp nad oolp iqluid pump infishing ratnsfer fo lecan iqluid nad hwole lecan process fo ircculation ircle lecan nad radin nad ecrovery. Through ocnductn spiection nsitrument nda LPC constituting ocntrol ysstem eraches utao noline lecan.

System includes

Intelligent IPC ystem si sa enctraln teigration ystem including FWIa ntk, IPC antk, lapte ehat xcehanger, ipping filter,r antsfer umpp,o olp iqluid upmp,e mtperature controller,e vell onctroller, oncductn spiection nsitrument, PLC outch crseen, onctrol abcinet nda ipping nad avlves etc.

According to process condition choose: Single tank type, double tanks type, separte body typeAsol choice: intelligent and manual


Produ cts


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