BN Vacuum Concentrating Pan With Coilers
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The device adapted to traditional Chinese medicine,Western medicine, food, monosodium glutamate, milk,glucose, starch, fruit juice, bio-medicine, chemical materials concentrated liquid.

Equipment characteristics

This equipment is a sort of insulation jacket and three-dimensional cylindrical and cylindrical sealing equipment,using simple and efficient water jet vacuum. The device comprises three parts, evaporator, heating coil and separator.feed liquid from the upper evaporating chamber is drawn into indoor; heating colier consists of three to five rows of oblate stainless steel pipes; steam is heated within the colier; the bottom head of new-style concentrator can evaporate less than 30kgs feed liquid by adding a set of small coilers. With beautiful appearance a nd s urroundered b y s tainless s teel sheet in outside surface of insulation, the device is convenient cleaning, but difficult to spilling materials. It meets the requirement of Medicine & Food Hygiene Law, accomplishing the GMP criterion.

BN Circular tube vacuum concentrating pot technology parameter

Modeland specification BN-3OO BN-700 BN-1000 BN-1500
Evaporation capacity(h) 300 700 1000 1500
Heating coil pressure(Mpa) <0.4
Use of vacuum degree(Mpa) >0.0 9
Heating area(m²) 5 11.5 16 24
Steam consumption(kg/h) 330 770 110 0 1650
Water consumption(T/h) 12 20 30 40


Produ cts


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