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1. This series of containers with heating and heat preservation function, according to "steel welding vessel technical conditions" to manufacture, test pressure and acceptance.

2. The volume of 100L-10000L various specifications for your choice, but also according to the actual needs of the customer to run the design, processing.

3. The sealing of the agitator shaft adopts imported sanitary mechanical seals, and the reducer adopts the world-famous brand Germany Flemish or SEW, and the stirring speed is 36-53 rpm. Can also be used frequency converter control.

4. The interface adopts the internationally-standard ISO standard quick-install chuck type, and the liner adopts imported 316L or 304.

5. Tank level gauge (non-contact ultrasonic, static pressure transmission type or glass tube type), air breathing apparatus, sterilization steam mouth, thermometer (digital display or dial), CIP universal tank cleaner, Light hole mirror, a number of inlet and outlet ports, manholes.

6. Internal material: SUS316L (imported from Japan)

Internal finish: 0.28~0.45um

Appearance material: SUS304 mirror panel

7. working pressure: atmospheric pressure

Operating temperature:60~100°C

Sterilization pressure:0.15~0.3MPa

Sterilization temperature:121~132°C


Technological flow chart of large infusion preparation

Technological flow of small injection whole set dispensing system


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