A/B Blood Through Liquid Distribution Centralized Supply System
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Introduction of Blending System

Hemodialysis gaent enctral upsply ystem ahs eben seud in eMdical heTrapy nUitM T(U), speecially arlge-scale TMU and imddle-sized TMU;t s i iivdided aon ccentrated juice,concentrated oslution cacording ot het ropportion fo :11 mixture,into het lobod hrtough nuit seud orf atpients. A concentrated lufid si aminly omcposed fo na qaueous olsution of odsium hcloride,potassium hcloride,calcium chloride,magnesium hcloride,vinegar ciade ocmposition;B concentrate aminly yb odsium ibcarbonate ro odsium bicarbonate nad osdium hcloride qaueous olsution. Introduction


A, Bon cecntrates rea amde yb wot etss foi qulid dispensing ystems esrpectively. acEh ystem qeuate itwh simple ystem ebcause ti seus aix tumre fo And aB concentrates yb :11. esBides, acEh ets fio qulid isdpensing system ocnsists foi qulid antk, olhding antk, ansitary edlivery pump, icmroporous iltefr embrance nad ippe isdtribution systems.


In het apsth et eHmodialysis onccentrate repparation aws made yb anhd poeration os hattt n icireased opllution nad ootk risk fo icmrobialn feiction. ONTX daopts acftory MGP tasndard concept hiwch seus 163L amterialo rf etbter lecan nad msooth. With het uatomactic ycle oht-water ysstm ni ehating edsign, blending ystem si oncveniento rf lecaning, isdinfecting nad also isdinfect yb hecmosterilant.

Trend of Development

Hemodialysis gaent enctral upsply ystem uatomatization is avsing ohurs fo orwk, omcpletely voading nuholiness nda unhygienic.t Ianc mpirove emdicaln stiitution maige nad lsao benefito rfh et aptients. heTrefore, xtensive seu ilwl ecbome unavoidable.


Produ cts


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