SNH(SN)Series Triple-Effect Concentrator(Auto Drainage)
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self-control triple effect concentrator is a new developed smart product by TONX which has characteristics of intelligentized remote digital display,automatic temperature control, level, vapour pressure, vacuum degree, material density (namely concentration ), auo omatic feeding, and ointment collecting etc.It can write program of full-automatic operation which can reduce artificial operational errors, spilling materials of overmuch materiel and vacuum,bumping, coking by great gradient of temperature and other factors of affecting products quality etc. It eliminates the worries of production safety and also ensures production safety, product quality and depletion of resources. It rises productivity greatly which is also the only way of constructing modernization.



1.Energy efficiency: It saves approx. five thousand consumption of steam and hundreds of thousands of tons cooling water which can cuts the approx. two hundred thousand costs.The touch parts between concentrators and materials are all made of stainless steel (AISI304I). It meets the requirement of Medicine & Food Hygiene Law, accomplishing the GMP criterion.
2.The concentrator adopts external heating natural cycling mode and negative pressure evaporating mode, with instant evaporation and great concentrated specific gravity up to 1.3 (common soaked Chinese medicine creams). Open boiler is not needed to reclaim creams.
3.The concentrator adopts tri-effect simultaneous evaporation and uses second-time steam repetitively. Therefore, the energy can be saved by 70% when compared with single-effect concentrator. Within a year, the investment saved can be up to total investment on the concentrator. 4.All parts of the concentrator contacting with materials are made of (AISI304) stainless steel according to requirements in laws related to medicines and foods, and requirements of GMP. It has nice appearance. And heater and evaporator have external heat preservation layers. The heat preservation layers are made of stainless steel and polished with semi-luster for nice appearance in layout of workshop.

Main technical parameter

SpecificationModel SN-500 SN-1000 SN-1500 SN-2000 SN-5000
Evaporation?apacity(kg/h) 600 1200 1700 2300 5500
Vapour pressure(Mpa) 0.05-0.098MPa
Steam consumption?(Kg/h) 200 350 500 650 1500
First effect heater m² 5 10 15 17 28
Final effect condenser area m² 15 28 35 45 70
Cooling water consumption St/h 6 10 15 20 35


Produ cts


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