Heat Pump Double Effect Enrichment
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Application range

Applicable to low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive materials, especially applicable toconcentration of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar and other water solution.

Working principle

Through the high-pressure ejection steam through the nozzle to produce low pressure, the one effect of two steam is pumped back to a part, the hot press pump is mixed with low pressure steam and constant speed, and the hot press pump has been heated and boosted when the hot press pump is discharged, which is called mixed steam. The steam is used as an effective heating steam, and the other two steam acts as a two effect heat source. Because one effect heat source is mixed with a part of two steam and one effect, the heat source steam is composed of partial vapor and partial two steam, so that the consumption of normal steam is less and the purpose of energy saving is achieved when the same evaporation capacity is reached. The external heating double effect concentrator, which was developed by our company and pioneered in China, has an energy saving ratio of 31%. Because of the special structure of the hot press pump, the noise value (foreign products 80 ~ 85dB, domestic products 80 ~ 90dB) is reduced to not more than 70dB (A), and its noise value is the international leading level.

Equipment composition

First-effect heater , first-effect evaporation chamber , hot pump , second-effect heater , second-effect evaporation chamber , condenser , liquid receiving tank , a set of pipe and valve in the system.

Temperature index

Live steam pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa ; first-effect heating temperature 90℃; first-effect evaporation temperature 75℃;second-effect heating temperature 75℃ ; second-effect heating temperature 75℃; second-effect evaporation temperature 55℃.

Steam consumption

The steam-water ratio is 0.33-0.37kg steam/kg water. It can save 34% energy and 30% water than the double-effect concentrator without hot pump.



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