Ultrasonic Continuous Countercurrent Extraction Unit
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SME series ultrasonic auxiliary continuous countercurrent extract technology is successfully integrated ultrasonic technology with continuous countercurrent technology which complements their each other’s advantages. The system uses horizontal spiral propulsion structure, herbal raw material and solvent move in the opposite directions when they are during extraction operation to realize solid-liquid two phase continuous contact extract.SME is mainly used in herbal extract field,chooses all kinds of organic solvents to extract, it also can be explosion-proof.

Technical advantage

TONGXIE makes technical development and extension on the basis of old generation technology, solves some technical bottleneck and overcomes some questions for example, feeding material float, course deposit ground, solvent short distance and not easy clean, at the same time, UNIWIN by improving structure makes ultrasonic really play ther ole, so that shorten extract time , promote transfer rate.


Produ cts


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